In what format should I submit my document to you?

Document formats I proofread include:

  • Microsoft Word: corrections are made using the ‘Comments’ and ‘Track Changes’ functions, allowing you to see every change and choose to accept or reject each correction
  • PDF: corrections are indicated using Adobe Acrobat’s ‘Comment’ & ‘Markup’ features
  • Websites: I can convert Web pages to Word documents for electronic comments and track changes
  • Hard copy: corrections are indicated in handwriting using traditional proofreading marks.

How should I send my document?

Please send me your document (two pages is sufficient for an estimate). Details are on my contact page.  If you prefer to send it by mail or courier, please contact me first.

How long will it take?

We will discuss your time frame prior to my accepting your work. If I am not confident that I can meet your deadline, I will advise you of this before accepting the project.

How do I pay?

You can pay by electronic banking direct to Jyila’s bank account or via Paypal. At completion of the job I will send you an invoice and payment details. Terms of payment are within seven (7) days. Payment of a deposit or progress payments may be requested for larger jobs.

I am not in New Zealand. Can you still proofread and edit my document?

Yes, certainly. One benefit of using Jyila to proofread and edit your work is the difference in time. If you are in Europe or the UK, while you sleep, I work! In some cases you can email me a document to work on at the end of your day, and have it completed and back in your inbox when you start work the next morning (depending on the size of the document).

Do you guarantee your work?

I am committed to providing you with quality and reliability that you can count on. If you are unhappy with my proofreading and editing, I will work with you to make it right, or I will refund your money in full.

More questions?

Please contact me and I will endeavour to answer you within 24 hours.